The Volcano Local Chapter

In the beginning …

At a District Assembly in March of 2000, the Rotary Club of Hilo Bay and the Rotary Club of Kona Mauka agreed to collaborate on the formation of a new Rotary Club in Volcano.
Former District Governor Pete Muller from Hilo Bay and Jerry Shimoda from Kona Mauka were designated by their respective clubs to lead the effort.

Over the next several months, Pete and Jerry contacted prospective Rotarians in the Volcano area, and an organizational meeting was held in June of 2000. At that meeting, Albert Jeyte agreed to serve as charter president, and Doug Lentz agreed to be charter secretary. It was also decided that the club’s regular meeting time would be at 6:45am on Thursday.

The group met every two weeks for several months, and began meeting weekly in October of 2000. By this time several additional individuals had stepped up to take on various responsibilities. The group began discussing various projects, helped with “Kid’s Voting” in Volcano and Mt. View, and decided to have a two-mile section of Highway 11 assigned to the Rotary Club of Volcano as part of the State Department of Transportation Adopt-a-Highway program.

When the number of people committed to joining the club reached 21, Pete Muller began the process of chartering the new club. The process was completed and the club chartered on January 31, 2001.

The Current Board

Bill Hamilton – President
Bev Garrett – Vice President
Carol Hamilton – Secretary
Paul Field – Treasurer
Lindsay Barclay – Sargent at Arms

Past Club Presidents

Bev Garrett: 2017-2018
Julie Williams: 2016
Lynda Gretz: 2015-2016, 2017
Paul Fields: 2012-2013
Peter V. Walburn: 2011-2012
Kevin LeBourdais: 2010-2011
Charlene Meyers: 2008-2009
Nat Baker: 2006-2007
Dianne Morgado: 2005-2006
Mike Nelson: 2004-2005
Albert Jeyte: 2001-2003

Charter Members

Dianne Morgado
Jerry Shimoda
Leslie Crossland
Paul Ducasse
Kathy English
Albert Jeyte
Jim Martin
Bea Arnnpole
Jack Lockwood
Chuck Lopez
Julia Neal
Alana McKinney
Lynn McKinney
Betsy Mitchell
Leanette Yoshida
Glenn Kadota
Maureen Hughs
Doug Lentz
Alisa Vegas
Ken Arnopole
Marc Swanson

Meet us every Thursday.
7:30 am every Thursday.
See our calendar for details!